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Xi Chapter Events

One of the principles of Sigma Lambda Gamma principle is Community Service. Here at Xi Chapter we demonstrate this not only in our daily lives, but through the staple events we hold throughout the year.

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Christmas Kindness

December 2022



Christmas Kindness is an event we hold each year where we have the opportunity to give back to our community during the holidays. We partner up with elementary schools that tend to be in more low income areas here in Austin and try to provide a number of families with gifts and necessities during this time of year. 


For the 2022 Christmas Kindness, we partnered with T.A. Brown Elementary here in Austin for the first time since we started! This year the Christmas Kindness committee was led by Co-Chairs #276 Manuela “Marilayxah” Marin Acevedo and #278 Amy “Cyritzellia” Salguero.


We created and sent wishlists for the families we were going to sponsor and had each student fill out their own wishlist with their needs and wants. They then returned them to us and we tried our hardest to give the kids what was at the top of their lists! 


To raise funds for this event we had a “Sweet Treats for a Sweet Cause” fundraiser where we sold some conchas and hot chocolate on speedway in mid November. Alumnae and other orgs also donated to help us with what we needed to make this even a success! 


Christmas Kindness is a heartwarming event that our sisters here at Xi Chapter love to take part in.  Hear what one of our sisters had to say, “My favorite part about Christmas Kindness was definitely getting to see the event come to reality as we shopped for the gifts. I loved getting to see what interests the kids had through their gift list and helping pick out gifts that would make their christmas dreams come true.” -#275 Johana “Aralestia” Chavez


Power of Pink

October 2022




Power of Pink takes place in the month of October, a month full of events dedicated to supporting our philanthropy in collaboration with the Austin Breast Cancer Resource Center. We strive to be an organization that recognizes and supports women in their fight with breast cancer. 

For 2022, Power of Pink committee was led by Co-Chairs #271 Eva “Estrellaliz” Arreguin and #275 Johana “Aralestia” Chavez. Three main events took place throughout the month. We held an “Everything Pink Bake Sale” where baked goods and pink lemonade were sold. We had a great turnout with many students on campus, other Greeks, and faculty stopping by for a treat. We also had an “Blooms for Breast Cancer” flower sale where we sold flowers and had those who stopped by write a message for breast cancer fighters and attach it to the big pink ribbon.

Our final event to close out Power of Pink month, was “Let’s Talk About Breast Cancer” where we had Nikki DeLeon join us for a talk all about breast cancer and her story. Nikki lives in Georgetown, Texas with her family and had previously met with our chapter back in 2019. It was a privilege to have her speak with us again and having her meet new faces of our chapter. Nikki opened up to us about her fight, created a safe space for any questions, and led us into an insightful conversation. Nikki holds a special place in Xi!

At the end of the month we were able to make a donation of four hundred dollars to the Austin Breast Cancer Resource Center. It is also such a sweet and fulfilling feeling making these types of donations. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help other individuals fighting breast cancer.

1 in 8 women in the United States develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

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