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The Purpose

The Purpose of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority shall be primarily one of promoting standards of excellence in morality, ethics and education. Further, the sorority shall work to better serve the needs and wants of all people by disseminating information about the diverse culture, which we all share. Finally, the sorority shall maintain respect for the views of others through this valuing, thereby, enhancing our understanding of one another, and thus bettering our community, our country, and the world.


Gloria Cuevas, Julieta Maria Miller, Maria Ester Pineda, Danell Marie Riojas, Guadalupe Temiquel


Founding Date: April 9, 1990

Founding Place: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa


Founding Mothers:Gloria Cuevas, Julieta Maria Miller, Maria Ester Pineda, Danell Marie Rioja, Guadalupe Cruz-Temiquel

Colors: Shocking Pink, Majestic Purple

Flower: Pink Rose

Stone: Amethyst 

Mascot: Purple Panther 

Motto: Culture is Pride, Pride is Success | Cultura es Orgullo, Orgullo es Exito 

Principles: Academics, Community Service, Morals

and Ethics, Social Interaction, Cultural Awareness 

Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness



Xi Chapter Local History

On April 2, 1993, 36 women joined together to establish a Sigma Lambda Gamma chapter at the University of Texas at Austin. The sorority, once established, would be the First Latino/a based Greek organization at the university.

The Xi Chapter was established on August 5, 1995, becoming the first Sigma Lambda Gamma chapter in the state of Texas. Our local Founders are Ruby Rivera, Cynthia Senteno, Zulma Posada, Vera Lopez, Juanita Rios, Christi De la Fuente, Olivia Ortega, and Janna Villesca.

We are known as the "Oh, So Fly" Xi Chapter, and we are currently the largest SLG chapter in the Nation. After more than 19 years of distinction on the UT campus, the Xi Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma continues to grow, and is proud to be part of the fastest growing sorority in the nation. Our primary goal is to uphold our 5 principles across campus to better our community.

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